Vyoma Innovus provides a large variety of "Mechatronics" solutions across Manufacturing, Food and Packaging, Retail, Life Sciences and Healthcare industries with the following major areas of specialization:

Main Services

Product Serialization

Industry solutions related to marking, tracking, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management.

Product Tracking

Using QR Code scanned, product can be easily tracked and prevented from counterfeiting

Industrial Automation

Design, development, manufacturing and implementation of automation solutions involving machines, robots, control systems and information technology.

IoT Solutions

Integration with digital devices, sensors, wearable and near able devices to gather structured and unstructured information and develop business intelligence (BI) solutions.

Smart Home Solutions

Mixture of Security, IOT and automation solutions to enable customers to add more colors, comfort, health and security to their lives.

ERP and BPM Solutions

Packaged ERP and Business Process Management suits with out of the box features to support standard business processes and office functions.

Website Design

Specialize in high end websites and web applciations. E-Commerce sites and web development.

Digital Portals and Mobile Apps

Development of customer facing Digital Portals and Mobile Applications to encourage customer centric sales and business strategies.