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Case Study

Prevent Smart Digital Integration


One of the leading Chilling Plant solution providers in India and APAC

Use Cases
  • Chilling plant machinery are fault prone
  • There are multiple sensors and digital devices that monitor important parameters of device health
  • There is no proactive way of capturing information of different parameters and predict proactive maintenance or failure points
  • Reactive approach results in loss of effort and money
Our Solution
  • Built integration circuits to capture data from digital sensors
  • Capturing key parameter values in Database hosted on cloud
  • Built Rules Engine to generate alerts/emails
  • Established a reporting platform for historical trend analysis

Product Serialization


One of the biggest Dairy Firms in NZ

Use Cases
  • Customer produces large variety of nutritional food products
  • Duplicate samples were found from Chinese market causing legal issues
  • Needed to uniquely identify product containers from production till sales
  • Provide information of production batch to customer to avoid duplicity
Our Solution
  • Introduced QR codes printed by Lasers in Production Line
  • Image processing to certify containers correctly labelled
  • Created "Reject" station for outliers
  • Mobile app provided to registered customer to scan QR codes and get production data in real time

ERP Solution - Vyoma ERP Module


Large Automobile manufacturing hub in India

Use Cases
  • Customer has 5000 employees in three different firms
  • Inventory control and HR modules completely manual
  • Biometric attendance not tied to Absence Management
  • Customer required incentive based payments
Our Solution
  • Implemented ERP with Inventory, Accounts, HR, Absence Management and Performance Management Modules
  • The packaged product has 12 user roles with 50 total users
  • Mobile friendly version adds to customer satisfaction

Digital Planner


Leading Food Processing Plant in NZ

Use Cases
  • Customer has Planning, Production, QA, Shipping departments in the factory
  • The departments are not interconnected and processes not optimized
  • Manual way of communication and alert mechanism during Production run
  • No way to track major constraints impacting Production volume over a period of time
Our Solution
  • Created a Digital Planner Software
  • Seamless workflow based communication across departments
  • Manual intervention and errors reduced upto 70%
  • Live Alert generation using LCD Panels at key junction points
  • Reporting module to do trend analysis of constraints impacting Production volume

About Vyoma

"As companies expand, their respective engineering disciplines find it increasingly tough to coordinate and work in perfect tandem. We transform our customers from being smart to become smarter by integrating mechanical, electronic, computer, and software engineering to design and manufacture products and processes. Leveraging increasing relevance of "mechatronic" engineering we serve a large variety of industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Product Serialization, Chemical Processing, and Digital Marketing"

How we work.

Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.

Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas

Design and prototyping from day one

Client as a partner.

Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business.Putting users first transforms client organizations and how we work together.

A simple, iterative process.



We want to bring thought leadership to our customers and would like to be known as "partners" not "vendors"

"We will be the most respected Global technology leaders and trusted partner by being world class in whatever we do."

We will achieve our vision through:

Through our unique combination of technical expertise, business understanding and customer relationship. By drawing on our Global network to grow and consolidate our reputation within all our markets. Through our exceptional people, their creativity, ambitions and drive.



Automation : We believe in innovation, platform based service offerings and collaboration of engineering principles; we will tend to curve linear growth and stress on automation and operational optimization

Safer: We drive a safety culture that prevents loss or harm to people or assets.

Smarter: We use our expertise and innovative technological driven solutions to deliver superior results at optimum cost, in line with the customers expectations.

Greener: We apply our learning to inspire our customers to lower their environmental impact and help shape a Greener future.



  • Enhance Trust.
  • Embrace Change.
  • Deliver Results.
  • Maintain and promote the highest standards of professional conduct by being fair, honest and transparent in all actions and decisions.
  • Value and develop our employees' diverse talents, initiative and leadership.
  • Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.

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